About Us 

People were telling us what they were looking for and what they wanted. They said, “I want a new life,” “I want to know how to get right with God.”  They didn’t even know how to pray or come to God.

Even church people did not know the peace that comes from trusting their salvation to God.

We looked for lessons that taught what people needed. There were none, so God led us to develop what people were asking for.   

Twenty-seven New Discovery lessons are devoted to building faith that brings peace to the heart. They are different from any other lessons.

In 1992, we started just one Bible school using New Discovery lessons.  We mailed only to those who asked for the lessons. One student told another how the lessons helped him until we soon had 1,100 students.  It really stirred an excitement in the church. Other churches heard about it and wanted to join the excitement.

So a headquarters was organized and a building built to house the work.  Today forty Bible correspondence schools throughout the U.S. are mailing New Discovery lessons to those who ask for them.

Some of these schools are very large and in this way many thousands are able to find the peace they are looking for. Now the internet offers the same opportunity to a larger audience.

May God bless you in a special way as you find God's power in the Holy Bible.

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